Tania Tenorio

Compliance Leader

Specialist in tax and financial auditing and prevention of money laundering (AML). Certified Compliance Officer, member of the Public Accountants Association Costa Vallarta, Jalisco A.C. and of the PLD Commission.

Speaker on various topics of professional interest and as a business advisor provides auditing and AML services to companies in the real estate sector, developers, civil associations, condominiums. Provided consulting on tax matters to leading companies in the automotive, telecoms, consumption and pharmaceutical sectors, among others.

Professional Career:

- Compliance Officer Certified by the GIAO Transparency and Anticorruption Commission LXIV Legislature.

- Diploma for the integral training of Compliance Officers.

- Course to prepare for the certification of vulnerable activities.

- Training course for Specialists in Labor Outsourcing Compliance.

- Tax Specialist and Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from UNAM.

- Diploma in Tax Contributions.

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