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Legal Counsel and Development

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About the service:

The specialization in Mexican regulations, whose topics are so punctual and specific, often generate obstacles in the continuous development of a business, which were designed to establish the limits of corporations, which try to slow down business growth. Due to the unfamiliarity of the extensive scenario, the key to the establishment and continuity of business development is corporate planning in compliance with Mexican federal and state regulations.

Our advice, from the startup of the corporations, begins in the constitution of the type of company and establishment of this maximizing the use of your assets, starting operations for the purchase and sale of land, parcels, buildings, properties, etc.; generation of agreements in working relationships with members of the company, monitoring regulatory compliance of corporate business life, and is also important the protection and registration of your brand.


On multiple occasions we have successfully participated in the following services:

  • Obtaining charitable status

  • Intellectual property and copyrights

  • Constitution of companies

  • Corporate board meetings

  • Analysis and strategies of legal approaches

  • Appeals for revocation / Administrative reconsideration

  • Civil, commercial and labor contracts and agreements

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