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Compliance and Audit

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About the service:

When implementing best corporate practices, it is especially important to have the advice and opinion of a certified public accountant to ensure the correct presentation of an entity's financial information, as well as a certified compliance officer to provide guidance on the implementation of internal controls to prevent the entry of illicit resources into your business.

Our highly experienced advisors in Financial Reporting Standards, International Auditing Standards, Quality Control Standards and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, together with the methodology developed by the Firm, can provide your business with auditing and anti-money laundering services with the highest standards of quality, efficiency and independence. With certifications issued by the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants and the GIAO Transparency and Anti-Corruption Commission, our professionals are constantly updated to ensure proper business compliance. Our reviews of internal controls and administrative processes of a company, provide an assertive diagnosis of the areas that require changes and improvements providing the measures to be implemented to detect and reduce risks of accounting, tax, legal and prevention of money laundering, which translates into a considerable reduction of costs, contingencies and increased profitability of companies.


On multiple occasions we have successfully participated in the following services:

  • Preparation of financial statements by a Certified Public Accountant.

  • Elaboration of Tax Report for the sale of shares by a Certified Public Accountant registered within the Mexican Tax Authority.

  • Preparation of Tax Report by a Certified Public Accountant registered within the Mexican Tax Authority.

  • Elaboration of Accounting Expert Report by a Public Accountant registered within the Mexican Judicial Authority.

  • Elaboration of a Tax Report for Certification of Liabilities according to Mexican Tax Law.

  • Coordination of external audits.

  • Opinions on the operation of internal control.

  • Audit of internal controls and specific processes according to the needs of your company.

  • Diagnosis and analysis of vulnerable activities.

  • Elaboration and presentation of criteria confirmations with the Financial Intelligence Unit.

  • AML compliance. (Registration and enrollment in the anti-money laundering portal, acceptance of compliance officer, identification of controlling beneficiary, submission of monthly reports and/or notices, preparation of unique files for identification of clients and/or users, control of thresholds).

  • Audit to measure the degree of compliance with AML in your organization and prevent the imposition of financial penalties by the authority.

  • Development and implementation of internal AML policies and procedures (organizational manuals).

  • Training and capacity building for compliance officers and internal departments involved in vulnerable activities.

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