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Updating of Partners and Shareholders' Information filed with the SAT

The partners and shareholders are required to register with the RFC and provide related information with your identity, address, tax address, telephone, email and request the advanced electronic signature certificate for the creation of a moral person in Mexico.

Although the previous ones are obligations of partners and shareholders legal entities should record in the partners and shareholders book the RFC of each shareholder, as well as reflecting it every time you have a meeting minutes, later they will have to be updating the information of the partners every time it is done any change or incorporation with 30 days to present the notice.

For the year 2020, the authority gave the facility to moral persons who do not have the duly updated information regarding the RFC of its partners and shareholders to update it until June 30, 2020, without generating any infraction for the breach.

To carry out this procedure the authority makes its internet portal available to legal entities.

It is to be considered that if any partner or shareholder is a foreigner must use the generic RFC which for tax person is EXTF900101NI1 and for legal person EXT990101NI1.

If you are a moral person and you believe that this is the case I suggest you contact our specialists and save on penalties.


CFF Article 27 section A section III

CFF Article 27 section B faction I to VI

Rule 2.4.19 gives the RMF by 2020


Published on June 29th, 2020.

“In terms of article 89 of the Fiscal Code of the Federation in force, the content of this reproduction, exhibition, presentation, program, or transmission and/or the documents and/or examples used to expose it, may express positions that do not coincide with the criteria of the Mexican tax or judicial authorities. This reproduction or exhibition is not intended and may not be used by any person for the purpose of circumventing (i) a federal, local, or municipal tax, or (ii) the imposition of tax penalties in the United Mexican States.

Terán Rojas & Asociados is not responsible for the use or the criteria that any user may give or have derived from this reproduction or exhibition.” Likewise, the exhibitor/author is responsible for the originality and content of the work in front of the company and for the invasion or affectation of third-party rights that may be caused, so it is obliged to take out the company in peace and safety and to respond for the damages and / or losses that are caused.

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