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Profession, a key factor when buying computer equipment

How to choose the best computer equipment for your profession?

Nowadays there is a great variety of computer equipment, which can be: oriented to basic tasks, designed for students, professionals, content creators, among others, but how do I know which is the ideal equipment for my daily activities, whether they are work or school related?

It is important to know if what we require is a desktop computer or a laptop, this will depend on whether we need in the future to improve it for greater activities or tasks to process, or if what we require is mobility to work anywhere, as this will depend on the decision to take, as well as its price.

What do we need to focus on when purchasing a computer?

When purchasing a computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop, it is not only about aesthetics, but also necessary to know what type of processor it has, RAM memory capacity, hard disk type, storage capacity, whether it includes a dedicated graphics card or has integrated graphics.

Why is it necessary to know all these components?

To be able to know which is the best computer equipment in terms of performance for the activities that we will perform in it and especially for the applications that will be used to perform such activities.

As an example, if you are going to do audio and video editing, you need to have significant storage such as 2 terabytes (2 TB) or more and a minimum of 12 gigabytes (12 GB) of RAM and a solid state drive for processing speed, including a dedicated graphics card for running high quality graphics or videos, it is necessary to have a mid to high end processor such as those of the Intel Core i5 brand or higher and AMD Ryzen 5 brand or higher otherwise the processor would be strained when working with the type of data you handle.

On the other hand if you are a student of Basic or Medium-Superior level the computer equipment can be with basic options but it is highly recommended to acquire equipment of low to medium range, since there may be necessary requirements to perform complementary tasks and you need some application that needs certain resources for its operation, within these equipments the minimum requirements can be 8 GB of RAM memory, storage of 1 TB either in a mechanical hard disk unit with the option of having a solid state disk unit of 128 GB for the execution of the operating system and applications, that only has integrated graphics and on the part of the processor they can be good in the Inter brand the Core i3 or Core i5 and in AMD the Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5.

A fundamental part to know how long a computer equipment has been in the market or specifically the processor it uses is necessary to know which is the last generation that came out to the market, to be able to determine how long of life it can have, especially because if what is required is to have a durable computer equipment these factors are important.

At the beginning of the year 2023, Intel processors will be in the market with the 13ᵃ generation while AMD will have the 7ᵃ generation, taking into account that each generation is launched to the market approximately one year apart.

With what we have seen above we can conclude that when acquiring a computer, whether desktop or laptop, if the characteristics inform us of the 11ᵃ generation in Intel processors or the 4ᵃ generation in AMD processors, we can determine that this equipment has already been on the market for about 2 years, so the life time of it can be no more than 2 or 3 years, similarly, we must not forget that this will also depend on the use that is given to the equipment and the care that is taken with it.

If you need more information or require advice for the purchase of computer equipment for companies, contact the experts at Terán Rojas & Associates, we will gladly answer all your questions.


Published on March 24th, 2023

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