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One day without us...

Terán Rojas & Asociados has a non-discrimination policy established as a fundamental part of our organizational culture that establishes the guidelines of non-discrimination and labor equality for all employees of the firm. We are proud to say that this company guarantees equal opportunities and rights for all, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination.

As a result of the protests arising from the cases of femicide in recent times, the firm Terán Rojas & Asociados understands, recognizes and shares any action that contributes to make visible and eradicate practices such as inequality and gender violence. Therefore, we support the decision of our employees who want to join the initiative #UnDíaSinNosotras.

Women make up 60% of our staff and we know, as we prove every day, that gender diversity leads to higher performance, a more inclusive culture and more balanced decisions.

Currently, the world has the highest proportion of women in senior management in the world with 29 percent.

This is creating a transformative momentum for companies to see the advantages of having more female leaders, and more and more companies are taking deliberate steps to improve gender diversity, including ensuring equal access to development opportunities at work, creating an inclusive culture and facilitating flexible work, among other aspects. So as companies we must avoid at all costs any act of discrimination, harassment, gender violence, for a healthier and peaceful society.

At Terán Rojas & Asociados we are fortunate to have Gabriela Rojas in General Management who, with her experience and knowledge, inspires us with her example and dedication, as well as other women in key positions. We are proud to say that in this firm no one is chosen or promoted based on their gender, but rather on their capabilities and professionalism, and we hope that this example will inspire other women to occupy more and more management positions.


Published on March 02nd, 2020.

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